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On eating holy food.


How could you explain a frum Jew, who observes the Torah and does mitzvoth, advocating abortion as a woman’s right since it is her body? I will give you another one: How can you explain an intelligent, educated shomer Shabbat frum woman advocating the globalist-socialist position that the world is overcrowded and the population must be reduced from its current number of over seven billion (7,000,000,000) down to five hundred million (500,000,000). Abortion and genocide. I encountered both within a span of 48 hours last week. I will not go into any further details. Cogitating upon the emotionally upsetting experience of being exposed to a contemporary example of two people, a man and a woman, actually serving Hashem and the Ba’al, I learned two things, for some people, the dogma of the political left in America is stronger than the commandments of the Torah. I am going to presume that there is a kilkul in the yichus of such people, a blemish in their bloodline. They probably are not really Jewish and they possibly are not even human. I am exaggerating of course. I used to think of the left as G-dless. Now it is worse. Now they work for the other side.

That a left-wing guy, Bernie Sanders, openly an atheist and a communist, should be seriously considered as anything is already a scandal. What has this USA devolved to since 1963 when they killed Kennedy and turned the Supreme Court against G-d. It was really over then. It has now becomes a shifty and wicked banana republic, dumbed down by the manipulative western media who have no right to claim the protection of the first amendment. They do not report news, but spew out propaganda. Look closely at their faces, particularly their eyes. They are not human. The left wing personalities on camera, not one of them is human. They are known in their dark world as “familiars.” These are people who are not bitten and turned into actual vampires, but they serve the vampire as a humanoid slaves. These are the faces of the left wing personalities. Of course, dracula is a myth and they are not genuine familiars, they are faux familiars. That is pronounced foe. They are the foe. But here is the good part. Once the power of good is aroused from its slumber and snapped out of its trance, it can kick evil’s you-know-what, no contest. Don’t think like a christian. Think like a Jew. G-d owns the Satan. There is no such thing as a successful rebellion against the One Who spoke and the world came into being, blessed be He. The idea of rebellion against the G-d of Abraham is the fantasy of pagans. And the higher the church, the darker it gets. What does that tell you?  What must it be like to wake up one morning, look at  yourself in the mirror and realize that you are the bad guy? I will tell you what it is. It is a bracha, a blessing. Because until one realizes he is the bad guy, he can never become the good guy. Prayer is the path for this.

One of the 39 Shabbat work activities is dosh or disha, threshing. The principle of threshing is the application of pressure on the outside of something to reveal the fruit within, such as beating chaff to collect the kernels of wheat within, or squeezing an orange to get the juice within. The left needs to be threshed to reveal the tasty kernel within. All the food we eat can be holy.

The evil people who work against ethics and the rule of law, need to be shown who they are and who they work for. All a Christian has to do is tear off the back half of the Bible and he or she is good to go. May it be Hashem’s will to bring all His children home. Amen.


Chaim Clorfene