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The Light is already here, just build the vessel.

BS"D   I have recently been engaged in a shakel v'tarya with my erstwhile chavrusa HaRav Simcha Gottlieb,sheyichyeh. And it sparked my realization of the essence of my problem with the Talmud, and therefore with Orthodox Judaism. Here it is in one sentence: "I believe it was a mistake to write down the Mishna." The attrition of collective forgetfulness is what allows man to persevere and achieve long term victory. We usually remember the best parts and forget the worst. We were made that way by the Aybishtur on purpose. So was the Oral Torah. 

As a result of writing down the Mishna, we have two Written Torahs and no Oral Torah at all. To fix that problem is to bring Mashiach and the Geulah Shalaimah. I believe that Orthodox Judaism, in its present form, compounds the problem of bringing Mashiach. We need innovation today more than we need to cling to every jot and tittle of derech avoteinu, the path of our fathers. Remember, our fathers did not bring the Geulah. Geula requires simplification and the rabbis seek to complicate. 

There are two rabbinic principles that guarantee each generation the right to add, but never subtract. Here are the two principles:

Principle One: Yeridat ha-dorot. Descent of the generations, i.e., each generation is one generation further from Sinai, and therefore on a lower spiritual and physical level than the previous generation. 

The entire rabbinic establishment subscribes to this principle. It is a false principle because it denies the existence of gilui Shechina or any other form of new revelation. The revelation of Torah by Eliyahu HaNavi, zachur latov, to the Arizal on the banks of the River Nile was a new revelation. It brought the Torah to a height that it had never experienced before...ever. The next generation was on a higher level in pnimiyut HaTorah — the highest aspect of the Torah — than any that came before it. One could say that the Geula began in the year 1570 corresponding to the Hebrew year of 5330. 

Rebbe Chaim Vital, zy'a, in the hakdama to Sefer Etz Chaim bemoans the fact that the millennium was so far advanced and the Geula had not come. He did not realize that he was the Geula. He was the disciple of the Arizal who wrote down his Rebbe’s teachings.

Principle Two: We cannot disagree with the opinions of the previous generations of rabbis unless we are greater in wisdom and number than they were. 

When you package principle one with principle two, you get a system that is bloated and atrophied at the same time.  It says we are always going down, and we cannot change things unless we are going up. This is a system that knows only one thing: We add. We do not subtract. The problem is that adding enslaves by a superfluity of ritual and tradition, a glut if you will, producing an exceedingly low consciousness, about two notches up from a chimpanzee, the consciousness of a raisin. People who never once stop to think that they are bones and meat walking around on a ball floating in space. These are people who never think much at all. Because the rabbinic system does not want it. Because they want you to think only their thoughts, not your own. That is why they only add and never subtract. So that there is no time or inclination to think.

Every time a fence is erected around the Torah, a veil is added over the Truth. And thus, the Sulam taught that for one to be worthy of Redemption, he has to make his Judaism as simple a matza on Pesach. 

This is one of the reasons why the Ger is so important to the future of Israel and the world. The Ger is an interface. The Ger appears to complicate and confuse things, but in fact the Ger is the simplifier because Ger makes two things into one. That is called simplification. It is also called unification, or yichud in Hebrew. And it simplifies by forcing people to look at it and struggle with it and come to resolve things, and get together in a manner prescribed by the Torah. Whereas the old way of denial and self-imposed alienation maintain a perpetual attrition and stress upon Israel and virtually every nation on earth. To understand that, one has to understand that G-d has chosen the nation of Israel as His ministers and hosts, and channels His blessings through the children of Jacob, as G-d said to Jacob (Gen. 28:14), "And in you and in your seed shall all the families of earth be blessed."

Among all the families on earth, only Ger really gets it. Only Ger is grabbing onto the corners of a Jew’s garments, our tzitzit and saying, "Take us with you, we heard that G-d is with you." And not every Jew, to be sure. Oy gevalt. Only the ones who cling to Hashem and the Torah.

Israel should respond to the Ger, "Okay, we will take you with us, but only part way. At some point in the not too distant future, you have to get a pair of tzitzit on your own and have G-d Himself as your only shepherd." 

You know when Mashiach will come? When a Jew can walk safely in any neighborhood on earth. It seems to me that we are a long way from that. Only Ger could attain that. That leaves two alternatives if we ever hope to see Mashiach. 

Altenative One: Raise the consciousness of the entire world. So that Jew and Gentile are on the same page.

Alternative Two: Conquer the entire world and subjugate it harshly with a big boot on everybody’s neck.

I would say that the two alternatives would be equally difficult to attain. However, I would also say that either one of them is theoretically possible by using technology to teach the Truth. And finding teachers who know the Truth. 

The Levites, and only the Levites have Moses’ blessing to be both the judges and teachers of all Israel. Only the Levites could teach the rest of Israel to be a Light among the nations. If the rabbis would step aside in favor of the Levite, which is another way of saying to trade in the courtroom for the Temple, then the consciousness of Israel would be sufficiently raised to bring Mashiach.

As for the conquering and subjugating option: Again, the Levites, the guardians of the Ark of the Covenant. Remember, the Maccabees, who were Cohanim, were also Levites, and the Maccabees were able to conquer the mighty Greek empire. And the Jewish zealots in the time of Titus and Vespasian could have defeated the entire Roman army had they not turned against themselves, causing the destruction of the food supply inside the walls of Jerusalem. Two and three Biyanim (zealots) would sneak out at night and destroy whole sections of the Roman legions camped around the walls. They had the power to cut through hundreds, like Yochanan the son of Shimon the Maccabee, who with two others, killed 800 Greek soldiers and caused an army of 20,000 to flee for their lives. "The L-rd was fighting for Israel.”

Theoretically, it could go either way. Either alternative would prepare the world for Mashiach. Or, maybe, it will take Mashiach to do it. The question is: Which Mashiach? Mashiach ben David or Mashiach ben Yosef? 

And this I will tell you, Mashiach ben Yosef is a Ger, and perhaps Mashiach ben David is a Ger as well, for King David wrote and sang to Hashem (Psalms 39:13), “I am a Ger with you, a Toshav like all my fathers.” David was a born Jew from the tribe of Judah. And he called himself a Ger and a Toshav. It is not only a people. It is a consciousness. It is also called making a separate peace and leaving the Matrix. Replacing the obsessive-compulsive need to complicate with the simplicity of the Al-mighty G-d of Jacob. In God we trust. Only He is truly good. Do not let them divert your attention from Him. But the elite in every realm of life, secular and religious, use manipulative methods to compress the consciousness of its congregations and to diminish and dilute the creativity of the individual. But, baruch Hashem, they have lost control of the people, so now the real growth can begin. 



Chaim Clorfene