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A kind word from Zion.

BS”D It is taught in the Zohar, Parshat Mishpatim 114 in the Sulam, that it is essential to have a good thought (kavana) on mikvah night at the moment of climax. Some Kabbalists meditate on Malchut of Atzilut. This will bring into the world children with great and holy souls and who, b’ezrat Hashem, will lead rich and full and peaceful lives and fulfill their mission from G-d, if they follow their father’s path. (The Chinese think they observe the commandment of honoring father and mother better than the Jews. I think it is debatable. At the highest end, they turn it into avodah zara, idolatry. Ehhhhh! Wrong Hans, you lose. We do not worship our ancestors. We worship the Creator of our ancestors, may He be blessed. 

Okay, now see the difference between the Kabbalah which is Torah from Zion and Talmud which is Torah from Babylon. The Torah of Zion is true Wisdom (Chochmat Ha-Emet) and the Torah of Babylon is the knowledge of Good and Evil.

Concerning the same matter of child conception, the Talmud tells us to wait till after midnight (chatzot) on mikvah night to have beautiful children. After chatzot is a time of Divine Chesed. This is a true teaching but there is a flaw. It opens the door for people to think, when they see an ugly child: “Aha, they didn’t wait.” Every twist and turn of the Talmud has a side of good and evil. I would say it is approximately 40% Torah m’Sinai. The rest is Babylonian politics, superstition, error, and arrogance. Their power is that they believe their own shtick. Nicholas Harvey Bennion, may he rest in peace. 

The Talmud injects corrupt and superstitious thought processes into the Jewish psyche.  I call it kishuf because it manipulates and snatches souls away from HaKodesh Baruch Hu. Any real Levite knows the difference. The rabbis are fumbling in the dark and always have been. The Chachmei Nistorim, the concealed Kabbalists, were the custodians of the Light of Torah, but kept it hidden because it was not the time.

The Kabbalah went underground for 1000 years and gave way to rabbinic consciousness which we used to call Second Temple consciousness, Herodian consciousness. But it was learned that this was rejected from on High (l’maalah). The correct term for Talmudic consciousness is Etz HaDaat consciousness. That is how Rebbe Chaim Vital characterized the Mishna, criticizing the rabbis of his generation for repeating the sin of Adam HaRishon of choosing the Etz HaDaat and rejecting the Etz Chaim, which is the Kabbalah. The Zohar and Sefer Etz Chaim of the Arizal, which are the primary works of Kabbalah. That was nearly 450 years ago. And it is the same thing today. The real battle over Ger (i.e., Noahide Ger, Ger in the gate) is the battle of Talmudic Judaism with Levitical Judaism which is Kabbalah. In Levitical Judaism, the Talmud is a reference work. The Ra’avad was a great Mekubal. The Rambam never saw the Zohar and lived nearly 400 years before the Arizal and was no Mekubal at all. The Ra’avad’s Torah included the Rambam, but the Rambam’s Torah did not include the Ra’avad. Two different consciousnesses. The Rambam was never in Babylon, but is the essence of Babylonian Torah. That is the root of all Jewish conflicts. It is Talmudic. Talmud is Galut, exile, the Etz Ha-Daat Tov v’Rah. The Zohar, meaning Chochmat Ha-Emet, is the Etz Chaim. 

Seven of the eight rabbis who signed a document condemning the way I teach Ger are anti-Kabbalah. And the one who is a shtickel Kabbalist did not sign the document, but has worked behind the scenes to smear anyone involved with Ger. Too late, dollink. Ger is here to stay because it is the truth.

Chaim Clorfene