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There has been a friendly separating of the ways between Rabbis Chaim Clorfene and David Katz in our vision for the Noahide Torah world. I would not have the temerity to claim the right to explain or discuss the differences between Rabbi Katz and my hashkafa. Let me just state that they are basic and considerable. And I will reiterate that this is amicable. He is setting up his school and I am setting up mine. Hatzlacha rabba to both of us. I sincerely hope that this does not set up camps of people hostile to each other as exists now in the Noahide world. The reason for this is that B’nai Noah, mankind at large was and still is ruled by Shem Elokim. When Noahide or Ger or Nilveh or whatever wants to get past the arguments and the back biting, and trade them in for the sublime service of Hashem Hu Ha-Elokim, the Lord He is G-d, YHVH, it has to move from Shem Elokim to Shem Havaya. And, according the Sefer Sha’arei Orah of HaRav Yosef Gikitilia, zy”a, one of the early Kabbalists, in the fifth chapter of his book, he clearly states from the tradition of Kabbalah, the B’nai Noach are not there now. Keeping the Seven Laws of Noah places them in good standing in the eyes of G-d from the standpoint of Strict Justice (Din), Shem Elokim, but not from the standpoint of Mercy (Rachamim), Shem Havaya, which is a much higher level. Sha’arei Orah does not provide an answer as to how B’nai Noach can transcend their present spiritual borders, or to use vulgar terms, move from karma to hashgacha pratit, from strict law to the kindness, mercy, and grace of individual Divine supervision, as going from Abram to Abraham or Sarai to Sarah. It is what the Hindus call getting off the wheel of karma, transcending the duality of life and death and rebirth, which again, this is another way of saying that they want to go from Shem Elokim to Shem Havaya. In truth, this is what the whole world wants, but few even know it. This is Redemption, This is reached by learning the secrets of the Torah, Ma’aseh Merkava, what the Rambam calls the Great Thing in contrast to the Talmudic discussions of Rava and Abbaye which the Rambam calls the Small Thing. And nobody argues here on the Rambam. In response to all of the above, I have decided to resurrect a FB page that I began, but let someone move in and take over, and it lost its direction. So now, if I can, I want to take the page back as the sole administrator. The page is Ger Think Tank and its vision and purpose is self-explanatory, that is to build a sustainable infrastructure for the Hasidei Umot HaOlam, the Hasidim of the Goyim, the pious ones who go beyond the letter of the law. And that is what is required to go from Shem Elokim to Shem Havaya. (expect surprise quizzes and tests) And if you understand that, you understand the secret of Shem Torah, the Torah of Geulah. Stay tuned to that frequency. It produces Light. This is mercy. It is G-d’s Infinite Kindness, tempered by law, so that the vessel can contain it without exploding. Kuntres Hitpalut teaches that it can be attained in four ways: 

1. Through music. 

2. Through meditation. 

3. Through hearing good news. 

4. And down the left side by standing up against that which threatens your soul. 

Chaim Clorfene