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Yesterday, the 14th day of the month of Av, I gave a lecture and tour of our Third Temple model to a bright and attentive class of young women from the Machon Alte seminary in the holy city of Tzfat. The talmidot came from four countries in South America, mostly, and all spoke English. We talked about Geulah because when you are in front of any aspect of Ezekiel's Temple, even a little model, there is nothing to talk about except Geulah. It is this Temple that completes the final redemption of Israel and all mankind. If you want to know what Geulah is, it is this. Everything other than this is Galut. There is hope. We are close. May it be our Father's will that we do not blow it this time. Enough with the creation bluff. We want our Father. Let us rally for G-d. 

The Epitaph of an atheist:

Since the point of existence is to find G-d, here lies a wasted life. 

Chaim Clorfene