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How to save the USA in ten easy lessons


The concealment of the Ark of the Covenant was, in essence, the destruction of the First Temple. The Ark of the Covenant is the Temple’s lifeforce, its reason for being. When the Ark was concealed, the Temple became a flashlight without a battery. The Ark was concealed 35 years before Nebuchadnezzar and the armies of Babylon destroyed Solomon’s Temple, but they actually did nothing because it had already been destroyed and the exile had already begun.

And then, a hundred years later, the Jews returned to Jerusalem and Zerubabbel built the Second Temple. G-d favored this Temple, but He did not reside in it because they did not return the Holy Ark to the Second Temple. The Ramchal says that the Second Temple was not a redemption, but a consolation.

332 years later, Herod the Horrible removed Zerubabbel’s Temple (think building 7 in 9/11) and built a larger and more beautiful one. But its beauty was entirely superficial. Its soul was rotten and stunk like excrement, and so after 30 years of Herod’s Temple standing in Jerusalem, the Sanhedrin decreed that the Cohanim should stop reciting the Ten Commandments as part of their daily prayer service. And they stopped saying G-d’s Name as spelled because the Temple stunk from corruption and we do not say G-d’s Name in the presence of a foul odor.

This mirrored the concealment of the Ark in the First Temple because the Ark of the Covenant carries the Two Tablets of the Ten Commandments. When they stopped reciting the Ten Commandments, the destruction of the Second Temple had already taken place. Forty years later, Rome came in and did nothing because it had already been done.

Why am I telling you all this? Because what is happening to the United States, is happening because America has rejected the Ten Commandments, thanks to the atheists and the rotten souls that comprise the Congress and Supreme Court of the United States.

America’s rejection of the Ten Commandments has sealed its doom. Replicas of the Ten Commandments once stood in Courthouses in many of the States and were removed, thanks to the atheists and their familiars, the Supreme Court justices. The Supreme Court has sealed America’s doom. You don’t slap G-d in the face and just walk away.

But the Giver of the Ten Commandments is merciful and the seal on the decree of doom can be undone. Just like the filth went in, the filth can be taken out by the people proudly displaying the Ten Commandments everywhere they can. Push the Ten Commandments in the face of every atheist and the head of the snake will explode.

How do we do it? We learn the words of the Ten Commandments and recite them daily. We purchase replicas of the Tablets of the Ten Commandments. Better yet, we make replicas of the Ten Commandments and we do it with our kids. And we make big beautiful marble replicas of the Ten Commandments and put them on the lawns of our churches and synagogues and in front of our houses and we fight to keep them there. Up till now, only the atheists have been fighting the fight. It is time to fight back. We can whip them.

Oh, I almost forgot. Besides reciting the Ten Commandments and making replicas of the Ten Commandments, we can actually try obeying them. Then, we will have G-d on our side.


Chaim Clorfene