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Comes the dawning of the Age of Nefarious


It always struck me as a bit odd that the U.S. under the Obama administration sent $1.3 billion in hard cash to Iran in three different shipments by air. Why cash? What if a plane went down? What then? Had the money transfer been handled through bank transfers, nothing would be lost. But after I read the tweet by the Iranian foreign minister threatening to blow the whistle on European politicians who were on the take concerning their part of the deal, I began to wonder: Who counted the cash that Obama sent? And when did they count it?  I wonder if the entire Iran deal had little to do with nukes. Maybe it mostly had to do with corruption and greed on the part of the Obama administration and their familiars, both elected and non-elected swamp rats, water moccasins, and gators. I wonder if the $1.3 billion in negotiable bills were new and in sequence and could be traced, or whether they were old unmarked bills like the cartels deal with and were untraceable, so they could be skimmed and stuffed into the pockets of whoever. And this made me wonder about the entirety of the deal…150 billion dollars. That is a lot of gelt. A normal skim is around six percent; that comes out to six billion in cold hard cash, enough to build quite a few castles in Spain, mansions in Tuscany, and cabanas in the Bahamas. Maybe the adage “follow the money” is the ruling discipline after all. Maybe Iran is using only part of the American taxpayers’ money to finance terrorism. 

Chaim Clorfene