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Enter the Zohar. Exit Prometheus Goldstein.

BS"D  One of the things Facebook has taught me to understand is that when you call a person out by name and show him or her to be deficient, you must do it via messenger. If you do it as a public comment, then you are a damager, and it shows that you are traif and therefore your Torah is traif and the source of your Torah is traif. Which has nothing to do with the content of the Torah, merely who you are. That being said, there are times when someone should be held up to public scrutiny on Facebook if they are perceived as a danger to the community. Then it remains a question who has the shoulders to decide that? As far back as the times of the Shulchan Arukh, the rabbonon no longer held the power to put someone in cherem (excommunication). Everything you know from the Talmud is before the final tikun. The Talmud lacks the Orot Makifim and all five Chasadim are in kelipa. After tikun, there is only נצח העליון ראש הכתר הטוב ומטיב לישראל ושוכן טוב. It is a complete waste of time to search for your true identity, worst of all for the true identity of how you are called rabbinically. That goes for Jews and goyim. The Ger this and Ger that, and by Jews, the tzadik this and the benoni that, is all before tikun. It has no tachlis. Tachlis is what the fourth perek of Sha'arei Kedusha brings in the name of Yitzhak of Acco, zy"a, in the name of Rav Moshe in the name of the talmidim of HaRav Yosef Gikitilia, zy"a, who heard it from the mouth of their Rebbe, that, "a man who sets his heart on fixing his middot, to straighten his paths and deeds, to pursue humility to the ultimate completion, to be insulted and not answer back, to hear his derision but remains silent, immediately the Shechina rests upon him, and he no longer has to learn from flesh and blood, for the Ruach Elokim teaches him.

Netzach is subject to strict justice unless it is raised to Rosh HaKeter, Netzach Elyon. We have to strive in knowing the Name of G-d, not the titles a bunch of shmagegehs in Pumpeditha thought up because they did not like goyim. Sorry, Elmer. We are walking into the Geula with the Zohar, not the Talmud under our arms. We are striving in pnimiyut HaTorah and then, after forty years, we are bidden to think our own thoughts. Besides, the Rambam chopped off the legs of Chazal by not mentioning them by name. Why did he leave all his sources in the Talmud out of Mishne Torah. A good reason and a bad reason. The good reason is that he wanted to limit and curtail the personality cult of certain rabbis which could lead to shituf, so by detaching their names from all the halachot, the average person will not search out the source, and that would stifle the personality cult syndrome. The bad reason is that he wanted it to appear as if the halacha as he presented it was the Law, signed and sealed from Sinai. And it was not. Every teaching in the Talmud that is said in a Rabbi's name, shows that the Mesora from Sinai was lost, and they are reconstructing the Law based on two systems of divine deduction. So by removing the names of the rabbis who said the halachot in the Gemara, it appeared as if this was the Law from Sinai, for only the Law from Sinai has no name attached to it because it all came from the same place, Moshe Rabbenu who got it from G-d. Anything said in the name of a rabbi shows it did not come directly from Sinai. And here is the Talmudic Torah, there is the absolute inviolable principle of yeridat hadorot, that the generations are descending. That means that every generation, because it is farther from Sinai than the previous generation, is lower than the previous generation, and therefore its level of Torah authority is lower than the previous generation. The problem with there is a presumption that there can be no new revelation in successive generations and our only source is Sinai. And that happens to be true in the nigleh of the Torah, including Talmud and Rambam. But in the Nistor of the Torah, including Zohar and Kitvei Arizal and Sha'arei Orah, there are new revelations through the appearance of Eliyahu HaNavi, zachur latov, and each one is a complete game changer. So, although in the Talmudic world, they are always going down, in the Kabbalistic world, we are always going up. Sof col sod, the Talmudic world, by its own admission, is one big ego trip. G-d is passive in the Talmud. What does that tell you? Moshiach sitting at the gates of Rome. It ain't the truth because G-d is never passive, you dolt! If G-d is passive, it means He ain't there. And if He ain't there, you shouldn't be there either. 

Chaim Clorfene