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On learning Kabbalah.

BS"D The Hasidei Umot Haolam (the gentile Hasid) has a special connection to Kabbalah. He has a very high soul but it has been out in the cold and needs to be warmed up and only the Torah can do this. And of all aspects or branches or levels of Torah, Kabbalah warms the soul fastest and most completely. This is because Kabbalah is warm like Jerusalem, and like the soul. Because Kabbalah and Jerusalem and the soul are one thing. Even if you are learning Kabbalah in Husqvarna, Alabama or Kotchkeh, Tanzania, or even Chicago, Illinois, you are in Jerusalem. Learning Kabbalah changes the mazal to a mazal of Jerusalem. But it is not every neshama, not in this lifetime at least. If you have been to Jerusalem, it is a milestone in your life. Even wanting to be in Jerusalem is a great thing. If there is one thing that we know G-d loves, it is Jerusalem. And if one learns Kabbalah, he or she is immersed in G-d's love.

Chaim Clorfene