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I do not want to be a doom-sayer, but I would say that America is doomed. On the face of things, the only thing that could save America is if the patriotic Americans unify and persuade the military and the police to round up all the communists and fascists and do a frontal lobotomy on the lot of them. But that is a harsh and horrible way to do anything and could result in an untold number of tragic deaths. And nobody wants that. At least, nobody I know.

There is another way, and that way is to look at the root cause of America’s deterioration and loss of moral compass, when, in the words of the University of Chicago’s David Reisman, America went from being an inner-directed society to being an other-directed society.

The cause of the radical shift in society was brought on by the successful attack on religion in the United States courts of law. It really began in 1963, the same year as  Kennedy’s assassination. The concept of separation of church and state was interpreted incorrectly by morally corrupt jurists who were willing to sell their mothers out for a vacation to the Bahamas.

The attack on freedom of religion and suppression of the inner spirit of America took many forms, but the symbol of it all was the removal of the Ten Commandments from state and country court houses and virtually any public building, including schools, post offices and fire departments.

The Ten Commandments, from the earliest days of the founding fathers, was a symbol, not of religion, but of law. It was G-d’s Law and that was good enough for the framers of the Constitution. It was the moral and ethical compass of western society. To be sure, western society did notlive up to the standard of the Ten Commandments, but to have replicas of the Tablets gave society a visible symbol of stability and strength, and showed them an ideal to which they could aspire.

And that was taken away. The removal of the Ten Commandments from the public face of America left the nation wondering, “Who am I, and what am I supposed to do?” Americans went from being inner-directed to being other-directed, worrying about what other people thought of them, an irreversible move that goes only one way – down, down, into chaos. If one does not know who he is and what he is, then he does not know what he needs or how to protect himself.

But it seems to me that there is something that Americans can do about the problem, and only because G-d is merciful. If the atheists were right, G-d forbid, there would be no cure for America’s tragic illness, but, thank G-d, the atheists is wrong.

So here is the answer. Americans need to rally behind the Ten Commandments. We cannot put them on the lawns of state courthouses or capitol buildings, but we can put them on private property, which includes our homes and our bodies.

That does not mean to get tattooed with the Ten Commandments, for tattoos are the essence of pagan culture. But the people can wear Ten Commandments pins and Ten Commandments t-shirts or fly Ten Commandment flags, and put Ten Commandments bumper stickers on their SUV’s, and drink coffee out of Ten Commandments coffee mugs.

Flood America with the Ten Commandments and tap into ultimate power. Did you see Raiders of the Lost Ark? Well, remember the end scene when the Nazis open the Ark and the flesh melted off their bones? Well, what do you think was in the Ark? That’s right, the two Tablets of the Ten Commandments. When the Hebrews were walking through the Sinai wilderness, the Ark went ahead of them and shot out bolts of lightning to eradicate snakes and scorpions and make the path safe for the people. That was all because of the Ten Commandments. It kills snakes and scorpions and makes bumpy roads smooth.

I think this is a worthy cause. Bring back the Ten Commandments. Make America return from an other-directed society to an inner-directed society, which David Reisman wrote was impossible. Nothing is impossible, not for G-d and not for America. Or, say the heck with it and just move to Uruguay.    


Chaim Clorfene