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The Creative Zionist, vol.1, no.1


Mankind is divided into four non-toxic categories:

1. Pre-Galutian (lost)

2. Galutian (exiled)

3. Pre-Geulian (awakened)

4. Geulian (redeemed)

Galutian and Geulian are personifications of Galut, the Hebrew word for exile and Geulah, the Hebrew word for the Final Redemption.

And exile in this context includes the physical exile of being driven off our land, but is more concerned with the spiritual exile of being separated from G-d. Whoever lives his or her life as a Torah observant Jew is drawn closer to G-d than any Christian or Muslim, but he or she is nevertheless separated from G-d, because that is what Galut means – separated from G-d. And when the Jews are in exile, the entire world is in exile, meaning there is no gilui Shechina.

Conversely, Geulah means redemption. And redemption means being taken back by G-d in a mode of gilui Shechina. And the interface between Galut and Geulah (the two are absolute opposites) is the Torah of shalom and emet, peace and truth, and the Torah of chesed, kindness. If it is a Torah of din (judgment) then it is the Torah of Galut, which is the Torah of Babylon and it has minor status in Geulah, which is Olam HaRachamim, a world of blessings without judgment. That is the inner dimension of Zion. The goal is to get there, despite the efforts of the Galutians.   

Chaim Clorfene