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Understanding Creative Zionism.


It is derived from the teachings of the Arizal that Geulah (Redemption) is the perfection that arose in the simple will of G-d to create the worlds and emanate the emanations. Creative Zionism is a ray of light from that perfection.

Creative Zionism is a consciousness, not a religion because there can be no religion in Geulah. When the Shechina rests upon a person, he has no need for religion. G-d teaches him directly. And in Geulah, the Revelation of G-d rests upon the entire Kehillat Yisrael, the Assembly of Israel, and G-d teaches the people Himself.

And one from a city and two from a family of the families of man will be included in the people of Israel, the Am. Any person who has rejected idolatry in all its forms, and has said to the G-d of Israel, “You are my G-d. ‘Shema Yisrael Ado-nai Elo-haynu, Ado-nai Echad, Hear O Israel, the Lord our G-d the Lord is One,’” that person is the Ger in the gate, who is mentioned in the Ten Commandments by name, and is included in Kehillat Yisrael. He is the Nilveh and she is the Nilvah, the companions of Israel. This is the truth and the rabbinic nomenclature of Ger Toshav is what Uncle Remus calls a tar baby. If you touch it, you get stuck. May Hashem protect us from the Erev Rav.

This is the truth. And if any rabbi tries to gobbledygook you or, if any ignorant Orthodox Jew wants to shout at you that a Gentile cannot keep Shabbat, tell him that your Saba has a Smith and Wesson 686 Plus seven-round revolver (spiritually, of course). And he knows how to use it. And after you get his attention, tell him that the halacha is like the Raavad, not the Rambam. Fartig. He may know what you are talking about or he may not know what you are talking about. Either way, he will leave you alone.

The rectification of Galut Judaism is the vision of Creative Zionism. It is based on two teachings of a creative Zionist, Rebbe Yehuda Leib Ha-Levi Ashlag, called the Sulam, who taught two principles about Geulah. The first is that for one to be worthy of Geulah, he or she cannot have a master over them. G-d Himself is the only master in Geulah. And as I have previously mentioned, the word “rabbi” does not mean teacher. Rabbi means “master” as in rav and eved, master and slave. Geulah is freedom, and as is ascribed to Philo, “G-d came to free the slaves, and his servants came to return them to slavery.”

Rebbe Isaac of Acco, zy”a, taught that even in his day, during the last half of the 13th century, a person could refine himself to where no man can teach him Torah because the Shechina teaches him. And to attain that sublime level, two things are needed:

1. Syata d’Shemaya, which is Aramaic for the help of Heaven (meaning G-d)

2. Jewish meditation.

You do not get this out of a book, not even the Talmud, not even the Torah. You get this out of meditating on the greatness of G-d. But every Chacham knows that it is completely impossible to meditate on G-d. The Kabbalists tell us, “There is no power of comprehension, even among the angels who are close to Him, and they have no comprehension concerning the blessed Ain Sof, for there does not exist within a created being the ability to grasp Him, forasmuch as He has no place and no boundaries and no name (TES 1:2:5).”

But it says in Amos 3:7, “G-d does nothing except reveal His secret to His servants, the prophets.”

To learn the secret of the prophets and to learn the Sulam’s other condition for Geulah, and to glean further insights into Creative Zionism, you will have to wait for the next exciting installment of Hayom, called, “Buckle up, Rivky, Crown Heights is going bye-bye.”


Chaim Clorfene