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Why the Levite?


This, G-d willing, is going to be my last blogpost for a spell. And I wanted to get this one out fast, so you will please excuse me for not double checking all my sources. If anyone is bothered by this, he can look them up himself and tell me, and I promise to edit the post and put them in. Okay, here is – undeniably – the Universal Guide to Everything:

The Levite, and not the rabbi, is the true Torah authority in Israel. The exception to this rule this is the king from the House of David. He is the boss over the authorities. He is always the boss. That is just how it is. And do you know who understands this and is ready to fight for this? The Levite. And do you know who will try to block this? The rabbi. The rabbis will try to find a way to posul (invalidate) the Messianic king and if they are able to find a way to posul him, they will posul him. That is who they are. However, Jesus they might accept, if there were a few bucks in it for them. The initiated will understand.

Back to the Levites. The advantage of the Levite over the rabbi as the Torah authority and as the shepherd of Israel is that the Levite always chooses G-d and the rabbi always chooses himself.

To digress: people are saying that I do not hold by the Oral Torah. That is incorrect. Of course, I hold by the Oral Torah. You have to be a moron not to believe in the Oral Torah, and not just any old moron, a particularly stupid one. And I confess to the Heavenly Court (YHVH) and the Earthly Court (ADNY) that I believe in the Oral Torah. But, as a Levite, I am acutely aware that it is very difficult for people to manipulate the Written Torah to suit their agenda, but the rabbis can make the Oral Torah into whatever they say it is. And they can make themselves into whoever they say they are. In other words, there is no earthly oversight. That is not a good formula for anything other than corruption. And that is what I am against – the corruption of the Oral Torah.

Let me give you an example of what I mean by corruption. It has to do with the Ger, that is to say, the Ger Toshav. (I am not going to give you a lot of Talmudic details here. I will leave that to Rabbi David Katz, sh’yichyeh.)

The corruption works like this: The final ruling of law according to the Oral Torah is called halacha. The word means “walking” in Hebrew. The halacha is how we are supposed to walk.

Now, the accepted halacha is that any Gentile can observe Shabbat and learn Torah if he has the status of a Ger Toshav. And with respect to observing Shabbat and learning Torah, the status of Ger Toshav exists in every generation at all times and is not dependant on the Jubilee Year. Any Gentile who observes the Seven Noahide Laws and believes exclusively in the G-d of Israel, YHVH, has the status of a Ger Toshav today, tomorrow and yesterday. And he may do any mitzvah that pleases him. That is the halacha.

The problem is that two of the leading rabbinic authorities in Jerusalem, one a posek and the other the head of a Bet Din, were questioned about this halacha. The posek said, “Yes, the halacha is like that. For the sake of doing mitzvoth, there is a Ger Toshav today, but you will never find a rabbi to support this.”

The second rabbinic authority (a bigger authority than the posek), when asked if there is a Ger Toshav today and whether he can keep Shabbat and learn Torah, this head of the Bet Din said, “Yes, that is the halacha, but we are not noheg that way.” “Not noheg” means it is not the way we do things. And then he added, “And I will do everything I can to block this kind of thinking.”

This is called corruption on the highest level. Those men might as well be worshipping an idol for all the truth they represent.

Do you know what it is when the leaders hold themselves above their own Law? It is a cult. And that is what I am against…cults. This is the corruption of the Oral Torah. Such corruption is not fit to call itself Torah. It is a corrupt system that only calls itself Torah.

The Levite is something else. The Levite is not part of that corrupt system. He also stands apart from the classic Zionists, who have their own kind of corruption that needs no explanation. We are talking about the government of Israel, which does not exactly have a sterling reputation for integrity. But the Levite can be trusted because he is focused on Hashem. That is how Hashem made him. The Levite was never enslaved in Egypt because he stayed focused on Hashem, and did not fall for the tricks of the Egyptians. And in the wilderness, when the people did not circumcise their sons because of the danger of having to travel through the desert on a moment’s notice, the Levite circumcised his sons. And when the people did not bring the Passover sacrifices in the wilderness, the Levites brought their Passover sacrifices. And when the people worshipped the golden calf, the Levites (and the women) did not worship the golden calf. And it was in the merit of the Levites (and the women) that Hashem did not destroy the people, but let them live. The Jewish people owe their existence to the Levites (and the women). And when Moses came down from the mountain, after he had smashed the two tablets of the Ten Commandments, he said (Ex. 32:25), “‘Whoever is on the L-rd’s side, let him come to me.’ And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together to him.” The Levites and no one else.

And when the spies told loshon hara about the land of Canaan, the Levites were not among them. Each of the other tribes had sent a representative to spy upon the land, but the Levites did not send one.

And when the people heard the false report about how bad the Land was, the people cried. And were punished for crying. Why? Because G-d had told them the Land was wonderful, and these ten shtoonks said that the Land is bad, and the people believed the ten shtoonks and not G-d. Therefore, they would not live to see the Land. Only their children would go in. But the Levite was not in their number because he stayed focused on Hashem, Rashi on Numbers 14:29, writes that the Levites were excluded from the punishment of dying in the wilderness. They went in.

The Levites always got it. They always focused on Hashem. The rest of the Jews focused on this, or they focused on that, they focused on halacha, they focused on the tzadik, they focused on knowing how to learn Talmud, they focused on a lot of very nifty stuff, but the Levite is always focused on Hashem. And Hashem Yitborach always chooses the one who chooses Him. And the Levite always chooses Him. And the rabbi always chooses himself.

This is why the middle matza at the Passover Seder is the Levite. And why we break the middle matza and put the smaller piece back between the other two matzoth, and say the Haggadah over it. And we put the larger piece away for dessert (along with the korban Pesach, G-d willing). We do all this to remind us that the Levite is the story. And that the Levite will be the sole Torah authority in Geulah. And until the Levites, who are the guardians of Zion, are in charge of all Jewish government, we will not see Geulah. The world has to be run from within the Bet HaMikdash.

The good news is – kol mevasser mevasser v’omerkol mevasser mevasser v’omer. The good news is that this is all functioning on an individual basis, one from a city, two from a family. And there is an inner dimension to it. And the Light of that inner dimension has no limitation except for what is put upon it from below. And the other good news is that, according to the Rambam, anyone can be a Levite. All he or she has to do is stay focused on Hashem, and be devoted to Hashem, and not to the halacha, and not to the tzadik, and not to anything else.

And whoever does this is automatically in Geulah and their hands are stamped with stuff that glows under a special light, so he or she can go in and out of Galut, like in the Matrix. Because the Galut is the Matrix. And we are Zion.

We can make Zion into whatever we want it to be and Hashem will guide us. And it has an inner dimension. And this is beyond anything in the Talmud. No rabbi has ever seen this. Even the prophets did not see the Final Redemption, the Geulah shalaimah. Only the eye of Elo-him has seen it. And it is everyone’s for the taking. Vehi noam Ado-nai Elo-haynu alenu, u’maaseh yadenu conenu alenu, u’maaseh yadenu conanehu – may the pleasantness of my L-rd, our G-d, be upon us – may He establish the work of our hands for us, the work of our hands may He establish.

Of course, if you prefer to follow the way of arrogant prune-faced witches and warlocks, no one is stopping you, may Hashem guard the simple.

Vehi noam Ado-nai Elo-haynu alenu, u’maaseh yadenu conenu alenu, u’maaseh yadenu conanehu – may the pleasantness of my L-rd, our G-d, be upon us – may He establish the work of our hands for us, the work of our hands may He establish. Amen selah.

Accept no substitutes. It is easy to get hung up in a maze of our own construction. Be a Levite. Stay focused on G-d Himself. Ado-nai Hu Ha-Elo-him, the L-rd is G-d. There is nothing else but Yud-Hay-Vav-Hay. And I quote Rebbe Nachman of Breslev, whose flame will burn until Mashiach, “It is imperative to include oneself in the oneness of G-d.” That is the secret of liberation and enlightenment. Blessed is the man who trusts in Hashem, for then Hashem will be his trust (Jer. 17:7).”

Only one thing was emanated: the Name of G-d. In Hebrew, the word for world is olam, it is the same root word as helem, hidden. The world is G-d in hiding. The Talmud says that the entire Torah is distilled to a single principle ‘ “Darshuni v’chai – seek Me and live (Amos 5:4).” Hashem is l’maalah min hateva mitlabesh b’teva – that which is higher than nature clothed in nature.


Chaim Clorfene