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Retraction of blogpost, "Warning: do not convert to Judaism."


Two very wise and influential people have badgered me to write a retraction of my article called, “Warning: Do not convert to Judaism.” They say that people are confused by what I wrote and think that I am against conversion.

I explained to them that I am 100% for conversion (they already knew that), and whoever thinks that I am against conversion either did not read what I wrote, or despite its amazing clarity, they misunderstood it. This is not my problem.

They said, “But it IS your problem.”

And I said, “Okay, if it’s my problem, then I will write a retraction of the blogpost, Warning: do not convert to Judaism.”

Here is my retraction: So convert to Judaism. I couldn’t care less. Eat snails and cockroaches for all I care.

(Now these same people are probably going to say that I am equating Judaism with snails and cockroaches. There is no winning with these people.)

That was my joking around retraction. Here is my real retraction: Read the article again.

It says that conversion in order to practice Judaism is not the right reason for conversion. The right reason for conversion is to become Jewish and have Jewish children and live and die as a Jew, and share in the glory or disgrace of the Jewish people. And although acceptance of Judaism is a prerequisite, conversion in order to practice Judaism is not a good reason.

In other words – do your soul a favor and convert. But do it for the right reason.

Hopefully, the point is well made and understood this time.

P.S. There is one correct way to convert to Judaism. The sages of the Talmud call it chetzi giur, half a conversion. Become a Noahide Ger. Then you can remain a Gentile and practice Judaism, including Shabbat and Talmud Torah, and all the mitzvoth of the Torah.

A Noahide Ger is a non-Jew who accepts the Seven Laws of the Children of Noah and says to Hashem, the G-d of Israel, “You are my G-d. You and no other.” When he accepts Hashem as his G-d, then he is no longer a Noahide. He is Ger, a Noahide Ger. He is the Ger in the gate, who fears the Lord our G-d and fulfills all the words of the Torah (Deut.31:12). His or her soul receives an elevation.

That is the true conversion to Judaism.

P.P.S. Jewish Law strictly forbids proselytizing Gentiles for the purpose of conversion. Noahide orgs and anti-missionary orgs who try to talk Christians (in or out of the church) into converting should be discredited. According to Shulchan Arukh, we must push away anyone wanting to convert three times before he or she is accepted as a candidate. The exception to this, according Shulchan Arukh HaRav, is a Gentile whose father is Jewish. He may be encouraged, but no one else may be encouraged.

Chaim Clorfene