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Drinky-winky on the New Year?


Little drinky-winky on the New Year?

    If someone were to ask me what I thought were the two most important verses in the Torah, I would probably choose Deuteronomy 30:19,20, “I call upon heaven and earth to witness concerning you today (hayom), that I have placed before you life and death, the blessing and the curse; therefore, choose life so that you may live, you and your seed. To love Hashem  your G-d, to listen to His voice and to bond (devekut) with Him, for He is your life and the length of your days, so that you may dwell in the land which Hashem swore to your fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob.” 

So the question is: How do you bond with G-d? And the answer is: By listening to His voice. 

G-d is always speaking to us, singly and collectively. And by listening to His voice, each of us will bond with Him, b’ezrat Hashem Yitborach

This is a high level, but it is attainable by most people, as it says a few verses earlier (Deut. 30:14), “For the word is very close to you in your mouth and in your heart to do it.” What does “to do it” mean? To do what He tells you, which is made possible only by listening to His voice. This is the “hayom” the Mashiach comes. There are two ways to hear G-d’s voice:

    A) Eliminate the noise that is blocking His voice. Most of it is sexual. Therefore, the elderly hear better than the young.

B) Receive a new Light from Sinai.

    A and B are both attainable through Jewish meditation. And this is what it says in the evening prayer service, “For they are our life and the length of our days, and in them we will meditate day and night.” 

Jewish meditation is a button that needs polishing, and more than that. It needs to be re-sewn on the coat. 

All the secrets are being revealed and they are not like the secrets that have been revealed up to now. And they are coming through the path of Jewish meditation, hitbodedut and hitbonenut and the yichud of hazaza – hay-zion-zion-hay

I believe this to be Torat Ha-Geulah. It is the Torah of Moshe, but with its borders expanded.

There will be firm resistance to the revelation of this Torah on the part of Orthodox Judaism. And this is the reason for Torat Ha-Geulah coming through the path of prayer which is the path of meditation, rather than coming through the path of Talmud Torah. 

The Babylonian Torah, which is the Talmud, has an iron grip on Jewish reality and keeps it in Galut, spiritual exile. But it has no control over prayer and meditation. This is why the Talmud never mentions Ezekiel’s Temple, other than to explain details of Herod’s Temple. The Talmud has no control over the future Temple which is G-d’s House, a House of Prayer for all the nations. The Radak teaches that one cannot approach the future Temple through Talmudic debate, but only through mystical understanding, which prayer and meditation. This is how we escape from Herod’s Temple and find our place in Ezekiel’s Temple, which is the Eternal Temple in the Messianic Age. Of all the sages, only Rashi grasped the design of Ezekiel’s Temple, and unlocked the secrets of Geulah. Targum Yonatan’s translation of Ezekiel into Aramaic a thousand years earlier helped, but only a little bit. From Ezekiel’s generation to Rashi’s generation was around 1700 years. During those years, the Mishna, the Jerusalem Talmud and Babylonian Talmud were written down, containing all that remained to us of the Mesora, the Oral Torah, and a lot more besides, and yet not a single word about the future Temple is contained in the Mishna, the Babylonian Talmud or the Jerusalem Talmud, even though Mishna and the Talmud were written after Herod’s Temple was destroyed. 

Tractate Hagigah 13b, tells us that Mishnaic rabbis (presumably Bet Shammai),  tried to expunge the Book of Ezekiel from the canon of Tanach. This was an outrage that shook the heavens and it was a matter of Hashem’s infinite mercy that we went unpunished for this. He brought us Chananiah ben Chizkiyahu who took 400 barrels of oil up to the attic of Chaimyonkel the Chonigkvetcher and resolved all imagined discrepancies between Ezekiel and Torat Moshe that prompted the rabbis to try and thrown Ezekiel out of Tanach. And they tried to do this despite the fact that it was the Anshei Knesset HaGedolah that arranged the text of the Book of Ezekiel, as we are told in Baba Bathra of Talmud Bavli. I do not care where. It’s there somewhere. Go find it if you are interested. I could not care less. This “what is your source?” baloney is the prattle of fools and egotistical ignoramuses. We are lied to and told that there is no such thing as original thought in Torah. That is a lie. We are capable of original Torah thought and the truth is entirely dependent on it. Today’s smicha, which is a joke, says, “Don’t give me a sfora (explanation), tell me the source.” That is an ironclad guarantee that every rabbi will be stamped out of the same dreary past, which is exactly what happens. We need warrior priests, Abraham, Pinchas, David, not scholars, not  pantywaist Mashiachs. Scholars are the scourge of any society. When they are in control, man loses his free will and his understanding of kindness and mercy. And that is why Geulah emerges through meditators and thinkers, not scholars. The Levites get back in control. This is a great secret and a great truth (Deut. 33:10). All the fights are over scholarship and are being fought by scholars. Prophets are good guys, not scholars. Prophecy is the word of G-d. Talmud Torah, sometimes yes and sometimes no. Sometimes it is Babylonian superstition, sometimes it is Babylonian politics, sometimes it is shallow and sometimes it is wrong. Often it is Torat Moshe and the sole repository of the oral tradition from Sinai. But even then is foments sectarianism. Everyone out of the Talmud is a sect and the sects are often at war with each other. This is the evil part of the Tree. The problem is that most people cannot tell the difference. It takes a learned person to sift the chaff from the wheat. That is because it is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. 

Prayer and meditation is the secret path to the Tree of Life. The one without the sword. 

On this  path, we discover new horizons in Torah, much greener pastures and much more revelation of G-d, our Father and King. In the Galut, He was hidden. But here, in Jewish prayer and meditation, which is Kabbalah and Chassidut, He is revealed. And He is revealed as Sensei. Imagine the perfect Sensei. He not only cares about your spiritual and physical development, He expects great things of you, and He does it with love and kindness. So, your first job is to want to become accepted as a student, a neophyte, in Sensei’s Holy Temple. From there on, Sensei Himself takes over. And no one can take you out of His hand, baruch Hashem. Ho, come to the water and drink. Be water, my friend. “Darshuni v’chai – seek Me and live,” Amos 5:4.

Chaim Clorfene