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Concerning our individual and collective struggle for or against Ger, there are four essential points that we must not forget:

1. Exile and Redemption (Galut and Geulah) are opposites.

2. We have left the 2600 year era of Galut and have entered the “new heavens and new earth” of Geulah.

3. Ger is a prime factor in Geulah.

4. Ger did not exist in Galut.

These four points add up to the need to surrender one’s will to G-d in order to be worthy of Geulah. And one must be willing to love his brother in order to surrender to G-d. Loving one’s brother means getting Ger. But in Galut we are stripped of our ability to love. The Jew in exile lacks the ability to love a goy. And the Christian in (spiritual) exile lacks the ability to love himself. I won’t mention Islam or any of the eastern religions because love does not seem to be a factor in them, although the Church of Hinduism talks about it a lot.

Many things that were correct in Galut are incorrect in Geulah. And many things that are correct in Geulah were incorrect in Galut. The gulf between Galut and Geulah is created by G-d. In Galut, G-d conceals Himself. In Geulah, G-d is revealed. This is why exile and redemption are opposites.

In Galut, it is as if there is no G-d. Hence, of necessity, religion is born, rabbinic Judaism in this case. All religions are the Church. They are all obsessed with ruling over others, not for the Name of G-d, but so that their will should prevail.

Judaism, the best of religions, was born in Babylon in order to preserve the Jewish people in a world where G-d is concealed. The only way to do this was to take away the Jew’s free will. Otherwise, all the Jews except for the Levites would have run to avodah zara and the pit of destruction. Therefore, taking away Jewish free will was correct in Galut.

But in Geulah, G-d is revealed, as it says (Jer. 17:5-7), “Cursed is the man who trusts in man. Blessed is the man who trusts in Hashem, for Hashem will be his trust.”

In the Presence of Hashem, the Church crumbles and melts away and the erev rav drinks the liquid and implodes. And Hashem returns man’s free will, re-awakening man and causing him to remember that he is made in the image of G-d. With the Church around, it is impossible to see oneself as made in the image of G-d. For it is the nature of the Church is to subjugate, and man, made in the image of G-d, is never subjugated, except by the G-d in whose image he is made. Or the king of the House of David who rules over the whole world (anti-semites are so dumb).

A couple of weeks ago, a blogger attacked me for saying that in Geulah, rabbis will no longer teach us. G-d Himself will teach us. The attack came despite my sourcing the statement to the fourth chapter of Sha’arei Kedusha in the name of Rav Yosef Gikitilia, zy”a, who took it from Isaiah 30:20, “Your Teacher will no longer be hidden from you, and your eyes will see your Teacher.” Teacher with a capital T.

To be sure, G-d never changes. He was always our Father and King and still is and always will be. But just like at Mount Sinai, we saw him as an Elder wrapped in a tallit. At this point in Geulah, we see Him as a Sensei, the perfect Sensei. And that is something wonderful, because it is a sensei’s responsibility to train and develop his students to become masters, to bring them to perfection.  But sometimes the students are not up to the task, and sometimes the sensei is not up to the task. But one whose Sensei is G-d Himself is certain to succeed because his Sensei is perfect, and a perfect Sensei would never take on a student He could not bring to perfection.

Therefore, in Geulah, with G-d teaching us, we can accomplish all that is possible and much that is impossible. But this is true only if we deselect Rabbinism and choose team Hashem. Whoever chooses team Hashem gets Ger because Ger is in the Torah forty times. And any Noahide who looks into the Torah, sees Ger and says, “I am Ger,” is Ger. And he has entered one of the gates of Rebbe Eliezer ben Hyrcanus and his or her redemption is guaranteed. Nif.

Chaim Clorfene