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Ger in Your Gates

Ger: The Eternal Butterfly

The Ger Revolution officially began in 1967, when Dr. Vendyl Jones, a Baptist minister and world class archaeologist, began learning Torah with an Orthodox Jew and decided that the Torah, and not his Christian belief, was the Truth.         

Trained from his youth as a missionary, the charismatic Dr. Jones began teaching his newly discovered ancient faith to his family and friends and thereby started a quiet revolution. 

Vendyl Jones had resurrected a lost page of the Torah, the Ger Toshav. And since the Ger is written in theTorah, he is eternal.

The Ger Toshav, or simply the Ger, is the righteous Gentile who has accepted upon himself the Seven Laws of Noah and is permitted by the Torah to live within the gates of Israel. 

He is the Resident Pilgrim who is grafted onto Israel as its fourth estate — Kohen, Levi, Yisrael, and Ger.

Today, thousands of people from Norway to Ecuador to the Philippines (and especially Texas) consider themselves Ger and are raising their families according to the Torah. And their numbers are growing exponentially.

There is a Talmudic adage that goes, “All beginnings are difficult.” And the Ger is still just beginning. 

The Ger is struggling with G-d and man as Jacob did. And he will prevail as Jacob did. The key is trust in the God of Israel.

Ger is the continuation of the story that never ends - man’s personal relationship with his Creator.

What the Ger needs now is a few understanding Jews who can learn with him and help him to evolve as a liberated, enlightened, and sanctified Ger.    

The Ger must gain wisdom so he can escape the politics that threatens to cripple his growth. And beware, the politicians are organized. In fact, you can recognize them by the fact that they are organized. 

Ger is a matter of individuals and families, not nations or organizations, as God said to Jacob (Gen. 28:14), “In you and in your children will all the families of earth be blessed.

Jacob was called a worm by G-d (Isaiah 41:14), and, indeed, the Ger is a worm in a cocoon. G-d willing, he will emerge as a beautiful butterfly, an eternal butterfly.

B’shah tova, all in good time. 

In the meantime, at the top of your shopping list, write, “Get Ger.” It is the only thing happening in the world. Maybe the universe.

Imagine a world without anti-semites. Imagine a world based on love and trust. This is the world of the Ger.